Activ8 Plus™ for Employee Engagement


So, can we pose a question to you colonizers..?

How satisfied are your employees? That is the question. The evidence supporting dissatisfaction in the workplace is staggering. Most of us have had the misfortune of experiencing it. We’ve felt underappreciated, isolated and invisible.

Workplace climate can be changed. This article tells us that the more interactive and personal you are as a company, the more a sense of belonging is cultivated.   It’s not just team building. It’s relationship building.

Relationships happen when people are socializing.  The key is to create an atmosphere that invites the social aspect while fostering productivity.  Guess what?  Hannah Montana was right. You can get the best of both worlds.


(Yep. Miley. )

“…engaged employees are more productive, have fewer safety incidents and less absenteeism, and – not surprisingly – contribute to higher profitability.”

Tom Salonek, The Business Journals

Rather than solely focusing on engaging the customer, focus on engaging your people.  Promote togetherness with your employees by building an atmosphere that readily invites social interaction throughout the workspace.

Activ8 Plus™ is a private service that allows viewing of employee posts in one place. It cannot only be viewed mobile, but on strategically placed monitors, as well. Tweets can be included and moderation is quick and easy from any location. Activ8 Plus™ is the perfect communication starter.

Wait. What?

That’s right. Engagement just got easier. You can use Activ8 Plus™ as your own employee relations tool wherever you can place a screen or use a smartphone.  In the cafeteria or breakroom, exercise facility, any meeting space or gathering place, and every desk with a fellow colonizer; each of these is an opportunity for employee connection.

Consider the possibilities. Like these:

  • Encourage employees to connect with each other by creating posts designed for co-workers.*
  • Celebrate the contributions of individual employees by recognizing achievements publicly.*
  • Support system for acknowledging fellow employees (and, in turn, rewarding the employees* who do so.)
  • Make announcements and deliver necessary information*
  • Share favorite photos. (This one is obvious, but think about it. Share photos from work activities, the office pet, vacations, meetings, clients, etc.)
  • Share inspirational or funny quotes, or an inside joke.

*Thanks to Tom Salonek for giving us some of these great ideas!

Climate change is simple with Activ8 Plus™. Engaging employees has overarching benefits for businesses. It generates loyalty, contentment and productivity. That’s a win. No more isolation. No more invisibility. The best of both worlds.

“Enjoy; it’s good stuff. Learn something.” Julia Harris, Horrible Bosses II

Activ8 Plus™ is scalable and available worldwide. Click here to see how our platform works.

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