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Houston, Texas, November 30, 2016 – It is now possible to propel User Generated Content (UGC) to the next level with this innovative service from CTM Interactive. Activ8 Plus™ is an interactive revolution with far-reaching implications for holistic UGC strategies.  It allows organic content to be shared with personalized branding, while simultaneously auto-collecting emails or mobile numbers. “User Generated Content or User Generated Media (UGM), as some are now calling it, has become an integral part of our society,” says Dick Didow, CEO of CTM Interactive. “However, it has not always been easy for the brands to directly connect. Activ8 Plus™ now organizes UGC into a focused opportunity for brands to interact with their customers and create a value exchange that makes it both meaningful and fun .”

Activ8 Plus™ is easily incorporated into brand campaigns or causes. What’s more, it is app-free. Participation may be local or expand to a worldwide scale. It is location-, venue- and budget- friendly. Activ8 Plus™ infuses fun into events and engages users with compelling displays of their content that readily transform any screen into an entertainment hub. Guests take it, text it and love it!

The process is simple. Once a photo is taken, there are three ways for the consumer to view their custom-branded content:

  1. MMS. The branded photo is sent back to the consumer via text message.
  2. Microsite. A micro website is available for consumers to retrieve their branded photo, along with social sharing options such as: Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
  3. Digital Display. An interactive display that can be used on a TV/Projector to show user generated content. You can also choose to embed the user generated content within a website.

Be a part of the revolution. Move UGC from their hands to yours with Activ8 Plus™.

 If you would like more information about Activ8 Plus™, please contact CTM Interactive at 877-895-8700 or via email at 

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