An Unlikely Partnership: Social Media + Activ8 Plus™

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If you haven’t caught on to the selfie craze, then check your pulse (or put away your flip phone and keep reading.)  The precious self-portrait has taken social media by storm at a rate of over 93 million per day.  And why not?  Carrying a smartphone is like carrying around a walking photo booth.


Pose, pout, snap, share… especially on Instagram and inevitably on Twitter. You can’t look at social media outlets without viewing selfies.  Whether serving as a virtual life journal or personal glamour shots for profile pics, selfies are going to be used. 


The power of the selfie is unleashed at will on social media.  Sooo… what if the inevitable selfie snap could be used to the advantage of brands?  Activ8 Plus™ is a relatively unknown solution every brand should have on their radar.  Never heard of it?  Check out how Activ8 Plus™ brings advantages to your social media.



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So, when it comes to marketing that matters and social media that gets shared, Activ8 Plus™ crushes it.


We have a trial for you that goes directly to a microsite.  Test it out.  Take your best selfie (we know you have mad selfie skills) and contact us for your demo! Next, grab your own bit of social power…

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