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    True confession.   I have a love-hate relationship with the Animated GIF. Own it, people.  You know, as well as I do, that some of them could squirt right out of a can and onto a cracker. There are some that we just can’t unsee. Burned on the brain foreverrrr.  But then… I


By Megan Powers, guest blogger (@meganpowers)   Photos are awesome. And they’re even more awesome when they’re shared. Seriously–how much time would people spend on Facebook if there were no photos?! If you couldn’t regularly see your friends’ new babies or silly pet videos? Really, puppy, baby, monkey was turned into a (albeit really ODD)


  Prom. The year was..? Well, you know what year it was.  You know what you wore and who shared a ride with you. (I may have looked like a disco ball with legs… but I looked goooood in that classic convertible.)     Pshhh… No judgment.  That’s not even me. (I’m not crazy enough


DIY    is    overrated.  (I paused for effect. Look at that. No lightning struck me dead.)   Seriously. When did being the Walmart of events become a thing? You must be a one stop shop for all things eventastic. And, you must do it all well.  After all, we are a demanding people out


Are you the lucky person in charge of email content?  Welcome to the Facepalm Club.       Developing effective emails is no joke.  You wrote it.  It was inspired.   It was ignored.   Ryan Michael McDonald at HubSpot put together the content in this little ditty to help us out.   Why Your


That, my friends, is the real deal. Jimmy and his Dad. Proof of the good days. The classic strip of poses taken in a photo booth. There is something both timeless and time-stamping about them. They serve as book marks and memorabilia. Young love… Besties… Family…in print.  We love them.   (But sometimes they look

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Welcome to the CTM Interactive blog. Here you can find the latest news about our industry, new product realeases, tips, and more!

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