Brand Spokesperson and the consumer – The start of great relationship

If a brand is represented by a small green reptile, or a pink rabbit, or cute little blue bird, can we still call them “spokespeople?”

We’re not sure.

Can we help a brand spokesperson, celebrity endorser, or influencer become a more powerful way to build engagement and relationships with consumers?  Open on-going conversation between brand and consumer?


And we’re sure about that!

How do we make it happen? 

Well, we’re a technology and services provider that exists to help agencies and brands tell their stories.  Our mission is to give them the tools to put their creative power to work. 

So – we’ve spend time listening to our marcom customers while they describe the mission they need to accomplish when using spokespeople, endorsers, and influencers

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Confirm brand value
  3. Strengthen brand loyalty
  4. Motivate consumer to buy
  5. Differentiate the brand in the competitive landscape

We make sure that mission is engrained in our thinking.  So, we’ve given marketers ways to create experiences that can be shared among the consumer, the spokesperson and the brand.  

Yes – even if that spokesperson is not exactly a “person.”

With digital technology we put the consumer into a moment of virtual experience with the spokesperson, all created with a branded and themed photo or video. 

These photos and videos that are the currency of social media as they’re shared with friends & family.  And yes – we make that happen too.

Moments of shared experience are each small stories.  Our agency partners and brand marketers are – in essence – story tellers.  We get it.

Over the past year we’ve put people into virtual settings with bears, giraffes, fish, giant insects and a ghost or two.  It was fun.  It was story telling. It was brand activation.

And now, we can combine photo activation with mobile technology to put consumers into stories not only when they’re gathered at events, but even when they’re widely dispersed across the country.  Ask us how.  

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