Go App-less in 2017

Go App-less!

Tired of convincing your event attendees to download your event app?

You are not alone. Apps are sooo 2016. Peter Kafta in the Record blog writes, “the app boom is over.”  App developers have known this for some time, as in most categories, app downloads are down. “Event apps can be cool, but……..give your audience a veeeery good reason to download it, because they may be reluctant to adding more apps to their phone.” (Event Marketing Blog)

Who can reliably determine what that reason might be for consumers?  You can make an educated guess, but there are no guarantees. A phone is personal. It’s private. And it’s definitely not fodder for unnecessary apps. So, fugettabout it. You don’t need an app at your event!

Okay… So what do you need?

Consumers with smartphones plus a display screen.


Wait. What? Alright, so you might need a little more… but your consumers don’t! Use whatcha got. People will inevitably be taking selfies. Today’s consumers are all about less work and more fun. Activ8 Plus™ is an app-less platform that allows for relevant, customized and personalized content at any event with the added optional benefit of collecting data.  When you pair Activ8 Plus™ with a visible display, it becomes the entertainment hub of the event.

Now, agencies can use their creative juices to develop engaging environments for the event attendees to use their own cameras. With Activ8 Plus™ and your display, they can see themselves onsite. If you already have engagement in the works, just add Activ8 Plus™ to capture all the UGC of the friends watching other friends engage with your activity.

And done.  That’s all you need.  Activ8 Plus™ and your crowd do the work.  User Generated Content is quite literally at hand. 

Now, go!  Be app-less. Be brilliant.

Wanna take it for a spin? Text a selfie to 54248 and use #demo (or email a selfie to selfie@101selfie.com) and watch the magic. Part of the entertainment for Activ8 Plus™ is the display so see how it looks at DISPLAY. Or see the workflow at CTMInteractive.

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