If Content is King then UGC is its Master!

If I was you, I’d wanna be me too

I’d wanna be me too

I’d wanna be me too

Curse you, Meghan Trainor. Infectious beat and lyrics like static cling.  They hang on your brain. (And now they’re stuck in your brain. You’re welcome.)

Just goes to show, it’s the Me Me Me Generation. Might not sound very… uh… philanthropic, but it makes for some serious User Generated Content.  Check-me-out photos fill the pages of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Whether it’s a photo of food at a restaurant, a quick snap with friends at a bar or festival, or a pic taking part in their favorite activity  – content reigns . Riding on a Harley, camping, running a race, building sandcastles, enjoying a long-awaited girls’ trip, or customizing a dream car… personal passions go hand in hand with content. There is no denying it. Content is indeed STILL KING. Says Daisy Whitney in her recent blog, “the consumer’s appetite for content appears voracious.”

Nevertheless, in this “Content is King” world, UGC is underutilized — which is odd because the most valued content for a consumer is the content they provide (UGC). Whomever takes the photo or creates the content, loves it and wants to share it. UGC as a media platform offers the next great opportunity for marketers to target their markets with relevance. Fitch Ratings recently reported, “Relevance will be determined by platforms that can capture large audiences with compelling content, target them specifically, and measure their success… the one constant is that the demand for high-quality content is still strong, and perhaps even growing”.

BUT (there is always a but) how does Harley, Coleman, Nike or BMW capitalize on this and form a community of passionate customers to their benefit?

The new SelfieSpott® platform allows you to gain maximum benefit (at the event and beyond) and no app is required. It is relevant, customized and personal. SelfieSpott® offers a value exchange for the brand to tell its story. It doesn’t get any better. Rarely are events set up with fun environments to take selfies. Consider this the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers and create content.

Take a test drive. Text a selfie to 54248 and use #demo (or email a selfie to selfie@101selfie.com) and watch the magic. Part of the entertainment for SelfieSpott® is the display so see how it looks at DISPLAY. Or see the workflow here.

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