New digital platform allows for more access to the consumer

If I said you can now communicate with consumers on their own personalized branded microsite (at scale), would that be of interest to you? If so, read on.

Activ8 Plus™ auto generates a branded personalized microsite from a texted or emailed photo. The branded microsite allows value exchange delivery, data collection, opt-in permissions, links to promotions, delivery of short form video, personal message (see how JJ Watt did it here), download your app, branded sharing options and more. No app required.

Of course, it is mobile friendly. Do we even have to say that anymore?!

It starts by creating a new or use existing campaigns to add an incentive to text or email a photo. Creating incentives is what you do. Thousand of ideas exist. Some additional incentive ideas.  

See a sample branded microsite.

Perfect for cross channel – Digital, Print, TV, Radio, DOOH

Sure, we report everything in real time including the click throughs.

As a digital agency do you have a need for any of these outcomes?

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