Graffiti Wall

Allow your guests to genuinely personalize their brand experience in an outstanding way on a huge interactive screen with stickers, text and more. All of this happens via touch screen technology and endless imagination. This technology allows for current customers and potential customers alike to secure a unique interaction with your customer’s brand. All the while, creating branded content to be shared via social media. Our Graffiti Wall is enticing, extremely visible, highly interactive, brandable, product placement friendly and fun for nearly any age! Increase engagement time at your event space with crowd-pleasing solution. Let us help you provide your client’s brand a true connection with present and future consumers.
Delivery Options
Social & Email Sharing
Allow guests to share their photo or video via Facebook, Twitter, and email!
Data Collection
Collect name, email, gender, social media info, or any other type of data points that are relevant.
A specialized website specifically created for your event with social media sharing, print, email and much more.
MMS Sharing
Allow your attendees to send their photo or video to a mobile device via MMS.

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