Hollywood Studio

Are you looking to be a show stopper at your next event, Hollywood Studio is your match! Create a memorable, visual story for your client’s existing or potential customers with this impressive interactive solution. Flexibility and the power to create a digitally-enhanced scene, enhanced props, print-on-site photos and much more will make Hollywood Studio a guest favorite! This tool enables agencies to merge with the theme of every event. And that’s not even the best part! Hollywood Studio is not merely immensely shareable, it also offers a unique opportunity to ensure a lasting brand impression.
Delivery Options
Social & Email Sharing
Allow guests to share their photo or video via Facebook, Twitter, and email!
Data Collection
Collect name, email, gender, social media info, or any other type of data points that are relevant.
A specialized website specifically created for your event with social media sharing, print, email and much more.
MMS Sharing
Allow your attendees to send their photo or video to a mobile device via MMS.

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