Paparazzi Style

An energizing and adaptable experience that leaves each person feeling that they’ve received nothing less than the red carpet treatment. By employing customized backdrops, step and repeats, as well as staged sets, we are sure to make your event a showstopper while giving attendees plenty of shareable food for thought. Our paparazzi-style solution works great in any size budget or footprint - from a small little nook to a huge stadium. Document your next event with our candid tool that is easy to execute, cost-effective and readily shareable across every medium! Partner with us to make your client's guests feel like royalty today!
Delivery Options
Social & Email Sharing
Allow guests to share their photo or video via Facebook, Twitter, and email!
Data Collection
Collect name, email, gender, social media info, or any other type of data points that are relevant.
A specialized website specifically created for your event with social media sharing, print, email and much more.
MMS Sharing
Allow your attendees to send their photo or video to a mobile device via MMS.

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