Virtual Green Screen

No special backdrop required! That’s right, your eyes did not deceive you. Gone are the days when the only option you had was a traditional green screen with the standard Chroma key backdrop. Virtual Green Screen can meet your client’s needs by offering you the choice of utilizing roaming photographers, a stationary setup or a cross between the two. And you can do it all with the traditional elements of a custom background or overlay. If you’re not a fan of the traditional green screen set up, but you like the final product, this is for you! Minimal footprint, cost effective, tablet-friendly, interactive, socially shareable and mobile! Virtual Green Screen technology helps you promote the client’s brand the way they want without the physical limitations.



Social & Email Sharing
Allow guests to share their photo or video via Facebook, Twitter, and email!


Data Collection
Collect name, email, gender, social media info, or any other type of data points that are relevant.


A specialized website specifically created for your event with social media sharing, print, email and much more.


MMS Sharing
Allow your attendees to send their photo or video to a mobile device via MMS.

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