Advertising campaigns and events now benefit from this new platform utilizing User Generated Content….and with NO APP required.

Branded photo delivery, video and interactive content all delivered....right to mobile.
Automatically creates onsite display for integration with any experiential or digital environment.

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Look what just BURST on the scene!​

Using a simple to operate photo kiosk, create easily shareable GIF files that can be the spark to start a new brand romance.

Be Amazing
Be Amazing

Animated GIF Booth

Get your relationship moving!

Using a photo kiosk or a brand ambassador with a camera in hand...get your consumers moving and shaking with your brand. Animated GIFs are back in a BIG way on social media!

Social Wall

A picture is worth… a thousand shares! The Social Wall allows every guest image and social media post to appear in one crowd-worthy place at your event. It is incredibly interactive, entertaining and informative, inviting each attendee to participate. The massive wall shares your favorite images in real-time! Compiling your event photos in combination with social media posts, selfies, and video provides you with an event activity catalog. Give guests a silver screen experience with our Social Wall!

Be Amazing
Be Amazing

3D Backdrops & Floors

Make your next event remarkable by creating immersive 3D backdrops and floors. Your guests can not only see the background – they can interact with it! Put your guests in a race car, on a huge wave, or send them to space without ever leaving your event. Who wouldn’t post that on social media?! By using some of the most innovative technology, we are able to create a branded experience that no guest will ever forget. Not to mention, it makes for extremely shareable content! If you want major visual impact with a readily transportable, simple set up, then bring brands to life with 3D Backdrops and Floors! Let’s catch brands flexing their creative muscles and share it in every stream across social networks.

Virtual Green Screen

No special backdrop required! That’s right, your eyes did not deceive you. Gone are the days when the only option you had was a traditional green screen with the standard Chroma key backdrop. Virtual Green Screen can meet your client’s needs by offering you the choice of utilizing roaming photographers, a stationary setup or a cross between the two. And you can do it all with the traditional elements of a custom background or overlay. If you’re not a fan of the traditional green screen set up, but you like the final product, this is for you! Minimal footprint, cost effective, tablet-friendly, interactive, socially shareable and mobile! Virtual Green Screen technology helps you promote the client’s brand the way they want without the physical limitations.

Be Amazing

Pararazzi Style

An energizing and adaptable experience that leaves each person feeling that they’ve received nothing less than the red carpet treatment. By employing customized backdrops, step and repeats, as well as staged sets, we are sure to make your event a showstopper while giving attendees plenty of shareable food for thought. Our paparazzi-style solution works great in any size budget or footprint - from a small little nook to a huge stadium. Document your next event with our candid tool that is easy to execute, cost-effective and readily shareable across every medium! Partner with us to make your client's guests feel like royalty today!

Multi-Camera Array

Multi-Camera Array is an extraordinary way to seemingly freeze time and generate a panoramic experience. With our Multi-Camera Array solution, you can create a one-of-a-kind entertaining engagement for your client's guests. From just a few, to a whole slew of cameras, your customer’s brand will be able to capture a unique experience that can be shared endlessly. If your event could benefit from an impressive set up that consistently draws attention, invites entertainment and sparks curiosity, give our multi-camera array a go! You are guaranteed to make a splash with a tech-driven, mind-blowing setup that provides impeccable brand elevation.

Augmented Reality

Looking to add some fun to your event? Augmented Reality allows for truly memorable engagements through the use of gesture-controlled props and stickers featuring your branding and messaging. What current or potential customer wouldn’t like to have a personal experience with a brand? Our Augmented Reality solution is crowd-drawing, portable, incredibly interactive, entertaining, highly brandable and perfect for product placement props with instant sharing capability to social media, print and email! By creating an authentic, connected experience your client’s brand is on their way to continued customer acquisition and brand growth. Work with us to create a personalized experience today!

Graffiti Wall

Allow your guests to genuinely personalize their brand experience in an outstanding way on a huge interactive screen with stickers, text and more. All of this happens via touch screen technology and endless imagination. This technology allows for current customers and potential customers alike to secure a unique interaction with your customer’s brand. All the while, creating branded content to be shared via social media. Our Graffiti Wall is enticing, extremely visible, highly interactive, brandable, product placement friendly and fun for nearly any age! Increase engagement time at your event space with crowd-pleasing solution. Let us help you provide your client’s brand a true connection with present and future consumers.

Be Amazing

Social Share & Print Station

Leverage user generated content by branding hashtagged images instantly via Instagram and Twitter. Prints as well as social sharing options are made available to guests so they may take and/or share a piece of your brand with them. Little pieces of memorabilia, like a printed photo, can leave a lasting brand impact, as well as resonating with your client's current and potential customers for years to come.

Green Screen Photo & Video

Green screen photo and video allow you to take the physical limitations out of the equation and make the brand experience anything and everything you want it to be. Whether you are looking to setup at a trade show or an entire stadium, green screen has you covered. Make every event memorable with a personalized and branded take-away. Green Screen is user friendly, engaging and it comes with a proven track record! The customization of basically any digital backdrop makes green screen your match.

Be Amazing

Hollywood Studio

Are you looking to be a show stopper at your next event, Hollywood Studio is your match! Create a memorable, visual story for your client’s existing or potential customers with this impressive interactive solution. Flexibility and the power to create a digitally-enhanced scene, enhanced props, print-on-site photos and much more will make Hollywood Studio a guest favorite! This tool enables agencies to merge with the theme of every event. And that’s not even the best part! Hollywood Studio is not merely immensely shareable, it also offers a unique opportunity to ensure a lasting brand impression.

Slomo Video

​Sometimes, you have to take a relationship slow...

Using a video kiosk with or without green screen, consumers can really commit to a great time and a social media friendly experience.


Pose, dance, celebrate or just act silly! As you stand in position on the platform, the camera circles you to create a fun video you can share on social media and a keepsake to watch over and over again.

Custom Solutions

Your client’s want to do what? When you’re clients are truly thinking outside of the box with something that has been never done before such as when Maxim came to us to create a green screen solution that had 4 different images to be delayed and interact with a tube of 48 monitors for the Super Bowl, or when Toyota came to use wanting to place a photobooth inside a car, or when a baseball team came to us wanting a animated background for attendees, we made it happen. When you’re truly thinking out of the box from fabrication to development CTMi is your match.