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Who doesn’t love a good sales call?  Seriously.  No day is complete until some random-overseas-call-center person has called your phone repeatedly from different lines. Just warms the heart and makes you want to buy whatever they’re selling.  Ooooh. Or pop-up ads while you’re doing online research! And who can forget about the infomercials masquerading as Facebook ads? Everybody logs in and goes straight to those little gems all day long.

Face it. Unless your intended audience is filled with masochistic people who are missing a few shades of gray, you’re not gonna have much luck with a glaring, proverbial FOR SALE sign draped over your brand.

Bottom line. We all know that when we’re getting the consumer’s attention content is key. We also know that user generated content (UGC) is the ultimate content (because when they take it, they love it) but it hasn’t been reaching its full potential. That’s because until now, no effective platform has existed that transmits value to the brand.

But only until now.

Now the Activ8 Plus™ platform with microsite retrieval allows photo branding, data collection, measurement and more!  PLUS, it auto collects email or mobile numbers for future permission-based follow up. AND it is app-less!

Now agencies can put their creative juices into developing campaigns that tap into the passions of consumers (because we’re all passionate about something!)  In turn, they will respond with UGC which the brand embeds and drives traffic. Playing into the enthusiasm of the consumer drives them to act and start building the emotional tie-in with the brand which saw their passion and gave them a format to display it.

The one constant with consumers is this: they will seek out and share a photo of themselves. Period.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, right?  Drive web traffic with what people already know, love, and use – selfies.  No annoying infomercials. No space-sucking apps.  Just your users and Activ8 Plus™.

Give it a go. Text a photo to 54248 and use #demo or email a photo to and watch the magic.  Check out a workflow on our site.

Please contact us to set up a demo and learn how a test could work for you.

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