The 2-Step to Quality Brand Content

The 2-Step to Relevant Content: Think UGC!

Have you ever wanted your own magic wand?

No? Good for you. (Liar.) You go right ahead and have fun out there on your island.

As for the rest of us… No shame.  We can all hug our magic wands together. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave that little wand and all of the right prospects for your brand would be drawn to your content with open arms, happily giving you data as to how to best market to them?  Magic wand, we love you!

 If only you were real.

Certainly, finding content that will build an initial emotional relationship is tough — if not impossible– but there has always been one constant with the public. The one thing they will seek out and share with others is a little of themselves. Be it a selfie or a video. It’s share-worthy. Period. An apparently insatiable desire for photos and video of themselves coupled with social media outlets have given them the perfect platform to share it.

It’s practically UGC in a bottle.

But how does that help the brand? Well, it’s like this… UGC (the most relevant content) has been underutilized until now because the industry has been lacking an effective means of delivery that also allows branding, data collection and measurement PLUS providing an onsite entertainment platform for them to watch themselves – Activ8 Plus™.

It’s your 2-step.

  1. Create an environment or campaign to encourage UGC
  2. Give them the onsite display to see themselves.

Activ8 Plus™ has stepped up and created a platform that can utilize UGC for the brand’s benefit.  You don’t need a fictitious magic wand. You just need Activ8 Plus™.

  Take your first step! Text a photo to 54248 and use #demo or email a photo to, then click HERE to see the onsite display.  Check out a workflow on our site and let us know when you would like to talk about your next event!

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