The Social Force of Retail

The retail center.  Love it or hate it… You can’t deny it’s a social force.  Thriving with potential content.  Everywhere.

Getting social in a retail space and taking photos is natural.  Whether trying on a new look for friends in person, or through selfies – photos are captured and shared. (Come on.  Let’s just be real about our vanity and slight insecurity.  No shame in getting a second opinion.) Surprisingly, capitalizing on this natural consumer behavior coupled with an insatiable desire to take and share photos has been underutilized. Until now, a worthy platform for transmitting user generated content hasn’t existed. Retail centers and retailers have been at a loss.

Now, you have a solution. Activ8 Plus™.

Activ8 Plus™ allows for the UGC to be retrieved on a microsite, thereby directing the consumer to apps, retailers, promotions etc. Plus, the photos are branded while email addresses or mobile numbers are auto-collected for future permission-based follow up. AND it is app-less!

Onsite entertainment, events, seasonal promotion and selfie stations create additional opportunities for the consumers to interact. Outside the center, campaigns about which consumers are passionate (seasonal, community and charitable)  will draw them to act. Specific retailers could also be incorporated.

The possibilities for Activ8 Plus™ don’t stop there. The UGC can be embedded on microsites (driving web traffic) and displayed onsite — creating additional entertainment and conversions.  Essentially, an entertaining and incredibly social hub is created for consumers.  No selfie goes without being sought out.  It’s irresistible.

This simple platform will add to the interactivity not presently available with online stores.  Activ8 Plus™ can pair seamlessly with current strategies for drawing consumers to the center.  Activ8 Plus™ can tap into the social force of retail.

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